Introducing three revolutionary hair treatments that will change the way men take care of their hair

After a year of research and testing, we were able to give the green light to three effective treatments to improve the health and appearance of men’s hair. The first treatment is specially formulated to combat gray hair and help maintain its natural color. It contains essential ingredients that nourish and strengthen hair, preventing fading. The second treatment is designed to combat hair loss and improve hair density. This treatment contains natural ingredients and plant extracts that stimulate growth and health. And the third, treatment and elimination of scalp flaking and excess oil with purifying and anti-seborrheic effect.

It tones hair by eliminating yellowish oxidised tones, providing a brighter appearance and enhancing colour as well as reducing frizz by nourishing the hair fibre. Through its violet pigment, it neutralises unwanted tones in this type of grey or white hair and tones down cold tones.

With Capixyl®, a natural compound of vegetable origin and topical use that became known in the world of cosmetology in 2011 as a breakthrough in hair and skin care. Since then, it has been gaining popularity and presence in the market with its excellent scientifically proven results.

With CRINIPAN®, a combination of active ingredients that inhibits the micro-organisms that cause flaking. Reinforces the natural defences and gives the hair an extra dose of care. The first anti-dandruff active ingredient of the latest generation that is produced from a green, solvent-free process.

Why trust our treatments?

Investing in quality hair treatments, especially if you are looking to improve the health and appearance of your hair, is paramount. The Barbers & Gentlemen brand offers three effective treatments that address different common hair problems.

In addition, Barbers & Gentlemen treatments are formulated with high quality, natural ingredients, which means they are effective for all hair types. By purchasing these treatments, men can be confident that they are investing in their hair and their well-being, an excellent way to improve the health and appearance of their hair.